Supportive Documents

Including a frontispiece, a blank form into which sensitive details such as supply day numbers and referees’ details need to be inserted, and a familiarisation document for consultants

Policy Statements

Saved as one single continuous document with page-breaks relating to areas of operation

List of Documents

The bulk of working and contingency documents, listed in a user-friendly manner and searchable

Agency Orientated Appendices

A sweep of useful-to-have induction documents

Authority Orientated Appendices

Several useful key documents offering legal guidance for agencies and their workers

We urge clients to see their purchase of The BORG as an opportunity to seriously upgrade their internal administration. It is then a managerial exercise - one which we lead as consultants - as well as an opportunity to step into a different league organisationally speaking. What is also important is that we assist clients to streamline their systems, creating in essence every piece of paper and electronic file which they should ever need for any contingency.

This has the effect of generating greater efficiencies, enabling administrative staff to find more time, for example, to make sales-calls. So the BORG should generate early payback.

Our unique and ground-breaking disk-based literature system is also a great sales and marketing tool (every time we drop one of our binders on a client's desk their eyes pop out!) It is also a superb training tool as well as an operational manual. This ensures continuity in service levels within your supply agency.